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Suchitra latest video shocks #SuchiLeaks

Suchitra one of the most talented singers and video jockey has been out of the limelight for the past few years due to various issues including the infamous Suchileaks controversy. She is now back in town and is doing great by running her own YouTube channel in which she is doing a continental cookery show.

Suchi’s latest video is one in which she has done in Tik Tok in which she has turned into a pakka local woman who asks her son to steal some flowers and ends up squealing on him to the owner. The video has been shared much as its truly hilarious and Suchi has done expression perfectly to suit the character.

Singer Suchitra has been maintaining a low profile ever since ‘Suchi Leaks’ happened in 2017. Recently, a missing complaint was registered against the playback singer by her sister Sunita. However, Suchitra denied it and stated that there is a conspiracy behind the complaint.

One of the most sensational celebrities of Tamil Nadu is singer, dubbing artist and RJ Suchitra. Be it the infamous #Suchileaks or her relatives’ claims about her mental health, news articles about the singer have always been sensational. Talking in an interview with The Times Of India, she opened up about a lot of things including the video of her ex-husband on her mental health. She stated that she wished he had not posted the video.

“I wish Karthik had not released that video because it confused a lot of people. It affected my work and my relationships. I was going through depression, but I’d have come out of it eventually. It could have been done in a dignified way. Eventually, Karthik, too, realised that it was a bad idea and took it down”, she was quoted as saying by the English daily. She also stated that till now, she has not watched the leaked videos and that she would never watch them.

On the work front, Suchitra has resumed her work as an RJ after 12 years. Earlier, she had opened up about her plan to start a YouTube channel as she has professionally learned French cooking. She stated that it would be named ‘Suchi Cooks’ which she admitted was rhyming the infamous Suchileaks. Coming to her singing career, her single track with singer Ranjith was released in December last year

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