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Home Business How to survive after Covid 19 ? - Some thoughts

How to survive after Covid 19 ? – Some thoughts

I have seen many of you concerned about self-employed people and small businesses,

“How will they be able to survive?”

This concern is great, but I hope you will continue with this concern when all this is over, because what we experienced before, was the following:

Your friend is a travel agent, but you only call him to get information and questions and buy thru online websites!. Just for a difference of $10. But at a time of a problem ask him to help you as the online booking engine does not answer you.

Your neighbor has a cafeteria, but you just crossed town just to go to a famous fast food restaurant to eat.Your friend sells food, but you would rather pay more for the brand, for the packaging, to eat the same food full of GMOs.

Your friend opened a beauty salon in the neighborhood, but you only went to that fancy salon because it has a name.

Your friend makes beautiful and delicious cakes and sweets but you would prefer to go to the expensive bakery to buy just for the brand.

Your colleague sells clothes, lingerie and semi-jewels, but you didn’t have time to see it, as you preferred to shop at that store in the mall.

Your friend / relative is a photographer and you invite him to an event and ask him to take the camera with him, after all he will enjoy the party as a “guest”!At that time, there were also freelancers.


Choose Sri Lankan Products and help recover the economy.

May this pandemic change the way we look and relate to people!Copy and paste into your Timeline, help people reflect on their attitudes \

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