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Kapruka did it again for Mothers day

Online retailed Kapruka is in trouble again, this time for its Mother’s Day offering that customers have complained are of sub-par quality.

Posting a number of photos on Facebook, a customer wrote:

The pictures below are one of the delivery I received today. A delivery done through Kapruka for Mother’s Day because my daughters are living abroad.

– vegetables have been spoiled

– fruits in the box are items sold as a fruit basket

– chocolate expiry date is 25.05.2020

– delivery charges have been charged twice

The customer said that when he spoke to Kapruka they had only offered him a solution for the double charged delivery – not for the spoiled or expired food.

“With the issues we had with this company in the past days, we think they [would have been] better now. But it is not like that. Because these kind of institutions think only about the rs.”

“We need to stand up to boycott such instututions as we are smart customers,”

Kapruka was recently caught in a severe controvery when customers complained to the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA)that the company was making extraordinary profit by selling essential items to desparate Sri Lankans unable to go out and buy food during the COVID-19 curfew at prices far above the maximum retail price.

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