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These are the kitchen ingredients Janhvi Kapoor uses for her skin and hair!

Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor made her debut two years ago. And in just a span of two years, the 23-year-old actress has wooed everyone with her acting and dancing skills. Along with her movie roles, the actress is known for her luminous skin and luscious locks. If you’re looking for some celebrity beauty hacks, then look no further, as we are going to bust some of her beauty myths.

Hair Care
She likes to use a lot of kitchen ingredients for her hair. Janhvi uses a lot of hair packs and treatments with eggs, methi and even beer! She also shared her mother Sridevi’s oil recipe for making oil at home with dried flowers and amla. Amla is considered a super-food for hair and it’s rich in antioxidants. From treating hair fall to cleaning scalp, this ingredient is known as one of the best ingredients for healthy hair and scalp.
Skin Care
The actress is known for her glowing skin. Whether she’s spotted at the airport or outside the gym, she’s always looking fresh. Janhvi revealed that she makes sure to clean her face in between shots for movies and ads. This helps her keep the dust away and maintain a healthy skin. And just like her mother, she also likes to follow a natural beauty regime. Fresh fruits are her favourite for skincare packs. “Whatever leftover (fruit) we had from breakfast, we’d put on our face,” she revealed in an interview.

Source - TimesofIndia
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