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Top Sri Lankan Tamil Youtube Videos for April 2020

Sri Lankan Youtube Channels have been growing in the last 2 years with many people choosing this as their main career. Of all these creators very few truely Sri Lankan Tamil YouTube Channels exists that entertain us. One might say that Sri Lankan Tamil channels find it difficult to stand out amongst all the content released by our Indian counterparts. Nevertherless some of them have broken many glass ceiling and have been pushing past many milestones.

During our search for Top Sri Lankan Tamil Youtube Videos we encountered many other interesting and innovative videos but we wanted to keep the list concise hence chose only a few. We encourage our readers to subscribe the channels in this list as a form of support for our Sri Lankan brothers and sisters and do give a thumbs up too for these videos.

Here is the list of the videos that has been created by Sri Lankan tamils which has been trending during this lockdown period. We have choosen only 1 video from each channel as an attempt to help spread awareness of more channels. The list is no way based on the number of total views or subcribers but rather based on the authors personal preference.

  1. OC Wifi – How Tamils Speak Sinhala
  2. Cheese Koththu – Italian Gift
  3. Hisham.M – 4 Powerful Secrets to Control Anger in Tamil
  4. M Studio – Rowdy Baby – Madhuvy Vaithiyaligam and Suthan
  5. Tika Bro – Kanji
  6. Enna Kadha Machi – A post curfew kadaigal
  7. SK Pranks – முட்டாள்
  8. Sarmi Sarah – 5 creative ways to edit Instagram
  9. YesPrabhu Records – Lamborghini Tour in Singapore
  10. LightBox – Best 10 Netflix Series for Quarantine

No.1 – OC Wifi – How Tamils Speak Sinhala

Either you are Tamil or Sinhalese you must recognise the picture above from 100s of memes you have seen in Facebook. This video managed to capture the eye of all Sri Lankans irrespective of their mother tongue. Yes its non other than from the famous OC wifi video

Putata Sanipa nayoo…

The video shows one of the best representation of Tamils trying to speak Sinhala and the funny situations he encounters with native Sinhalese speakers. The team did a tremendous job during scripting and even better job while acting. If you haven’t seen this video then you are missing a once in a life time opportunity.

To visit the video click here >>>

No.2 – Cheese Koththu – Italian Gift

Cheese Koththu is one of the best and leading Sri Lankan Tamil Youtube channels with over 100,000 subscribers within a short span of 1 years shows the talent and dedication of the team.

Gracias Gracias

The video depicts a Aadhil who has arrived from Italy and escaped the quarantine and has come to his friend’s house to rest before leaving to his home town. The fake Italian accent and his friend asking for more and more gifts show the truth in the mist funniest way possible. You will be either rolling on the floor or crying from all the laughter from Cheese Koththu’s videos.

The video had raked 230,000 + views on writing of this article and had 7300 likes.

To watch this video click this link >>>

No.3 – Hisham.M – 4 Powerful Secrets to Control Anger in Tamil

Hisham.M is one of the biggest Sri Lankan Tamil Youtube Channel with over 290,000 subscribers and 13 million total views.

Hisham.M gives us his secret to controlling anger by giving us 4 stories. His calm yet commanding voice and his face expressions brings these storied to life.

To watch this video click this link >>>

No.4 – M Studio – Rowdy Baby – Madhuvy Vaithiyaligam and Suthan

This Channel is done by Vasantham TV to show case a diverse group of local singing talent. The videos are all done in a unplugged fashion with live band but the quality of the recording will make you even forget that.a Sri Lankan Tamil channel this video of teen singer Madhuvi

Rowdy baby

This video was released actually back in September 2019 but started to trend and catch people’s eyes only in April 2020 when the singer Madhavi Vaithiyaligam’s another video in Sri Lanka Teen Voice started trending.

The singer Madhavi Vaithiyalingam is someone who has been touched by the Voice Gods, her vocal range, her shear talent and the fact that the soul and feel of the song just comes effortlessly through her singing just amazes anyone who sees this video.

If you read this article 5 years after being published don’t be surprised that the singer of the latest ARRahman song started with singing in a Youtube Channel. If you haven’t heard her sing then boy you are up for some goosebumps.

To watch this video click this link >>>

No.5 – Tika Bro – Kanji

The video depicts the a sad devoted muslim youth who is craving Kanji (rice porridge) to break fast during. He is unable to get Kanji as all Mosques are closed due to the Corona Virus Lockdown.

inji pota kanjiya kunji nana kita kenji kenji ketu minji minji pogama konju konji kudicha kalam yabagam varuthu magan

What ensures is a very emotional discussion between the youth and his father remembering the times they had kanji. The video wins the heart of muslims and non muslims alike who used to enjoy Kanji during this holy month.

The video had raked 145,000 views at the time of writing and 4200 likes.

To watch this video click this link >>>

No.6 – Enna Kadha Machi – A post curfew kadaigal

Enna Kadha Machi is one of the underrated channels which has some of the best content. They do mostly comedy videos similar to OC wifi and Cheese Koththu.

Curfew la mudi valandu Arjun Reddy maari irukum nu patha Samarasima reddy maari aachu

The video depicts funny scenarios on what will happen when the curfew is lifted. The acting on Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse by the cast member requires special praise as the body language and voice all seem to capture him perfectly.

The video seem to be shot by each cast while in lockdown but the crisp editing and moving screenplay doesn’t make you realise this.

To watch this video click this link >>>

No.7 – SK Pranks – முட்டாள்

Another hidden gem of a channel with many short comedy videos tackling a wide range of topics. The creators are based in Jaffna and have tried to bring in that sweet Jaffna tamil and yalpana kusumbu in their content.

This video depicts a bored educated man and a boy who play a general knowledge game. For every question the man wins he pays the boy rs1000 and every question the boy wins he pays the man rs100. What happens next is what makes this short video a hidden gem.

Rendu kaal la nikura piraniku padukeka moonu kaal aam…Athu enna ?

If you don’t know the answer to the above quote then be sure to check out the video, you will come back laughing. Don’t forget to subscribe to them.

To watch this video click this link >>>

No.8 – Sarmi Sarah – 5 creative ways to edit Instagram

Sarmi Sarah channels boasts a wide variety of content targeted at the youth. It ranges from tech unboxing, reviews, travel vlogs, reaction video etc.

kanana kane kanana kane en meedu saayava

This particular video is really nice where she explains some creative ways to make your instagram stories look creative. All the 5 ways she explains uses regular instagram functions which we take for granted and elevate it to another level. From typing the same text in white black and maroon and placing on top of each other give a 3d look to unique placement of images to give a photoshop edited look all her tricks are worth a try.
Be sure to check out her video if you too want to impress your friends with innovative insta stories.

To watch this video click this link >>>

No.9 – YesPrabhu Records – Lambogini Tour in Singapore

YesPrabhu records is done by non other than the Sri Lankan Instagram influencer YesPrabhu. The channel has a wide variety of videos from Travel vlogs, movie reviews, advices etc.

This video shows a vlog of Singapore where hundreds of Lamborghini, Ferraris and other super cars are all showcased. If you are a automobile lover this video will have your hearts racing as you recognise each and every model. During the lockdown no one can travel but this video takes you to that car paradise.

The channel YesPrabhu Records boasts close to 300,000 total views and worth subscribing.

To watch this video click this link >>>

The channel like many others in this lists has a variety of content such as reviews,artwork, Top 10s, short films etc.

what makes this particular review video stand out is that team has done a great job is choosing the Best 10 and equally good job in writing the script for the narration. The narration is to point with giving a accurate synopsis of the series and at no point does the narrator over explains a plot to a point of it becoming a spoiler, this balance is what makes this video worth the watch.

Technically too the video editing and the sound quality of the narration is on par with the industry further the cherry on top is that this video had been formatted to be viewed in a smartphone without rotating the screen.

The channel is one of the most recently started in the list but already contains more than 35 unique videos

To watch this video click this link >>>

This concludes our list of Top Sri Lankan Tamil Youtube videos for April 2020. If you think we have missed any video that you enjoyed please be sure to comment in the comment section below. Don’t forget to subcribe to these channels to show your support to our Sri Lankan brothers and sisters.

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