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Petition to Stop the Peak / Off Peak Data scheme by Sri Lankan Internet Service Providers gain 2500 signatures within 48 hours.

(Change.org) – The petition claims that the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) of Sri Lanka is being unfair on all its customers across the country by having peak/off peak packages.

It states that almost all the ISPs have a peak time from 8am -11:59pm and an off peak time from 12am – 8am and that the customers only get less than half the data package they have signed up for during the peak times. It further claims that they (the customers) have to pay a full amount and is unfair as customers would not stay up after 12am just to use the internet that they pay for.

The petitioners request ISPs and the TRC (Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka) to put an end to this ‘daylight robbery’ and provide a simple package at a fair price where the customers can use their data package whenever they want and however they want.

The petition which has been going viral in the social media has garnered about 2500 signatures within 48 hours with man Sri Lankan Netizens supporting this move.

Some studies conducted have also shown that in countries with Off peak or night data has influenced young children to stay up at night to use them which has resulted in them unable to perform at school the next day. The lack of sleep has also affected the performance at work for some young adults.

To see the progress of the petition and to participate in it click the link below.

Go to Petition

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