Project Rise


What is Project Rise ?

Project Rise is a community program with the goal of collecting, compiling, indexing and sharing assignments, coursework, short notes, sample answers and other original academic works from the Sri Lankan Students Community and making it available free of charge to the Sri Lankan Students Community. “Gaining Knowledge is the first step to wisdom and Sharing Knowledge is the first step to humanity” is the motto of Project Rise. This passing of work done by seniors onto the future generation is nothing new to the Sri Lankan Education system but this is done in an informal way. We at Project Rise are trying to centralize this sharing of previous work.

Reason for Project Rise

At Rise Sri Lanka believe that Sri Lanka is information rich but the communication of the information is poor. Many Students suffer from limited resources in their university or school library and often struggle for guidance when it comes to completing their work. Our team at Project Rise understands this struggle and we seek to provide our helping hand in this endevour. It must be noted that the goal of Project Rise is not to replace the knowledge bestowed by the teacher nor the knowledge found in core text books but rather act as a guide to show how the past students have used them so that the future can take the next step.

Terms of Use

Project Rise is for sharing of knowledge through a central hub, we are working with past students of prestigious universities in Sri Lanka to collect their old work and upload them in the website. Although we try to upload only the best content we receive, students are advised to exercise discretion when referring these work as we cannot guarantee the quality of the work,its accuracy nor its originality.