Becoming a Contributor at Rise LK

What is Rise LK ?

We at RISE LK are trying to build a platform to aggregate genuine content tailor made towards Sri Lankans and to encourage sharing and recording of knowledge. We are generating income via advertisements and commit to share a large portion of the advertisement revenue with the contributors.

Why Rise LK ?

As a single person setting up a website, maintaining it and posting regular content to keep your audience active can be a daunting task, couple that to the marketing costs to get your name out could also make it difficult for people to maintain a side hustle as a blogger.

Further to maintain a constant viewership as a blogger you need to keep posting regularly which can be difficult with your day to day activities but when dozens of bloggers get together we are able to create a wide variety of content.

We take the technical load off your back and allow you to earn money in the side

What to write ?

We welcome topics from all edges of the world. From Self-improvement to Lifehacks to Educational posts. We also accept submissions in English, Sinhala and Tamil.

These are the main categories which your articles will be put into:

Fashion & CultureTechnology

How to join Rise LK ?

The reason RISE LK was to create a platform where different contributors can post their articles while being able to get their financial benefit of well-established websites. But we take the quality of our content very seriously hence we have a process to vet the best articles. Therefore all contributors would need to follow the below mentioned steps to get their articles published.

  1. Write you article using MS Word. We advice to limit all submissions at 2000 words as we want to keep the articles short and concise.
  2. Email the article to with your contact details
  3. We only select articles which are at least 80% plagiarism free hence you will hear back from the admin within 2 – 3 days.
  4. On successful release of your article you will receive an email every month on number of unique visitors who have read your post.
  5. Along with the email we will remit your monthly earning directly to your account.
  6. You should earn about rs500 for every 1000 unique visitors in your post. This is just an indication but do the reflect your actual earning as it may increase or decrease.

Payment ?

An editor will discuss payment upon acceptance of the pitch. Alternately, we can offer a link to your website in your bio. NOTE: Personal affiliate links are not allowed.

You might be paid a fixed sum upon publication of your post and then a payment will be credited to you on a monthly basis based on the number of unique visitors to your post upto a fixed period of time. Details of the payment can be discussed with the editor before publishing your post.

Please note that unless we specifically tell you in writing that we want to move forward with your idea and we agree to pay you a specific rate (or to link to your website) in writing, you are not entitled to any compensation for your submission. Additionally, we may already have ideas or plans in progress that are like yours, and we are not responsible for any similarities between your submission and our current or future content or actions; any such similarities are purely coincidental

Got more questions ?

Don’t worry just drop an email to

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If you have an idea for an article but not sure how to move forward ? Just pitch us the idea and we will help you to the next step.

To pitch to us, please fill out all of the required fields in the form below. One of our editors will be in touch to discuss your post idea.