About Us

What is Rise LK ?

We at RISE LK are trying to build a platform to aggregate genuine content tailor made towards Sri Lankans and to encourage sharing and recording of knowledge. We are generating income via advertisements and commit to share a large portion of the advertisement revenue with the contributors.

Why Rise LK ?

As a single person setting up a website, maintaining it and posting regular content to keep your audience active can be a daunting task, couple that to the marketing costs to get your name out could also make it difficult for people to maintain a side hustle as a blogger.

Further to maintain a constant viewership as a blogger you need to keep posting regularly which can be difficult with your day to day activities but when dozens of bloggers get together we are able to create a wide variety of content.

We take the technical load off your back and allow you to earn money in the side

For further details email us at risenow.srilanka@gmail.com